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101 GOALS IN 1001 DAYS 
Natalie Ariz 101 list

The goal is to beat procrastination and get the most out of your goals and life. Therefore, there is something magical to putting something down on paper and making it happen. With 101 goals in 1,001 days, it equates to 2.75 years. It gives a longer, wide range of time to accomplish those seasonal items or things that take more resources of time and finance, such as international travel and what not. I encourage you to start yours and please message me your link and I'll post it here. So cheers to getting the best of this one life to live! May yours be tried and true!

- Natalie

Start: 2/5/17 | End: 11/3/19


001. Attain 10k followers on Instagram

002. Attend a bloggers event

003. Attend a blogger's convention

004. Attend fashion week

005. Become a brand ambassador

006. Blog post on website per week

007. Collaborate with 5 brands

008. Collaborate with other bloggers

009. Hire a professional photographer

010. Host a giveaway

011. Host a meet and greet

012. Inspire someone else to start their own blog

013. Partner with PR company

014. Partner with media

015. Travel specifically for my blog

016. Use liketoknowit


017. Inspire someone else to do their own 101 list

018. Leave 100% tip for exceptional service

019. Make care packages for the homeless

020. Pay for a stranger's meal

021. Volunteer for an organization that I am passionate about and share their vision


022. A day without my cell phone or internet

023. A whole month to detox from sugar

024. Attend church more

025. Become a MFA member

026. Become a mombassador

027. Become someone's mentor

028. Build a farmhouse

029. Complete my attic reorganization by holiday season for quick retrieval

030. Convince my husband to have wallpaper installed

031. Cook a great, home cooked meal once a month

032. Do a gallery wall in our home

033. Enlist a mentor

034. Genealogy test by Ancestry DNA

035. Get to desired weight and maintain

036. Have kitchen chairs reupholstered

037. Have my grandmother's mink restyled

038. Hire a life coach

039. Hire a personal organizer

040. Improve on conversational Spanish

041. Join a women's networking committee

042. Listen to audiobooks in the car

043. Massive Kon Mari sweep throughout our home

044. Plan a family picnic

045. Pray at bedtime and daily gratitude list

046. Prep healthy and thought out lunches

047. Purchase a Hermes blanket in orange

048. Redo the guest bedroom

049. Refinish a piece of furniture

050. Say yes to everything for a day

051. Speak to an audience or write about my heart attack to bring awareness

052. Upgrade my bedding

053. Use no without giving a reason on 4 different occasion

054. Visit my grandparents more often

055. Volunteer at my daughter's school

056. Volunteer at my son's school

057. Watch 5 documentaries


058. Attend yoga classes

059. Grow a vegetable garden

060. Improve my golf game

061. Learn how to make a proper souffle

062. Learn how to make a creme brulee

063. Learn how to play chess

064. Learn Photoshop

065. Learn proper meditation

066. Paint a painting I'm willing to hang in my home with pride

067. Refine my calligraphy skills or take a class

068. Take a flower arrangement class

069. Take a Kon Mari class

070. Take a photography class

071. Tennis lessons

072. Try Soul Cycle


Message me the link to your 101 List and I'll post it!


073. Attend the Cistern Exhibit

074. Attend the James Turrell Skyspace Exhibit at Rice Iniversity

075. Attend the Vintage Roundtop workshop/staycation

076. Go to the Marburger Farm Antique Show

077. Helicopter Ride

078. Hike 2 new well-known locations

079. Hot Air Balloon Ride

080. Join the theater to attend with my husband regularly

081. Return to Africa for a family vacation

082. Return to Paris with husband

083. Road trip to Magnolia Farms in Waco

084. Road trip to Marfa

085. See the Hamilton Musical

086. Take my son to LegoLand

087. Take my daughter on a NYC trip

088. Take the Galveston Home Tour

089. Visit a strawberry patch

090. Visit an Indian Temple

091. Visit blackberry farms

092. Visit Charleston, South Carolina

093. Visit Chicago, Illinois

094. Visit India for a buying trip

095. Visit London

096. Visit Martha's Vineyard

097. Visit Michelin Star Restaurants

098. Visit Nantucket

099. Visit the Hamptons

100. Visit the Miami Beach Botanical Garden

101. Visit the New York Botanical Garden

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