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Founder of The Impeccable Find, Natalie Ariz is a native Houstonian whose career started with many years in the accounting & credit industry. Life took a turn when in her late 30’s she suffered a heart attack. Returning to the status quo was not an option. Instead, Natalie took her personal motto, "You only live once, do what you love" to heart, pulled from her entrepreneurial gene and inspirational mother, father and grandmother to launch The Impeccable Find. Using her eye for creativity, beauty & design, her platform curates a collection of “Impeccable Finds” in Houston, from her travels, as well as showcasing friendships & inspirations. Her work cultivates beauty & experience to inspire followers to cherish the present moment all while living life to the fullest. Today Natalie enjoys representing brands, working with other influencers, helping people build their online persona all while she supports philanthropy and focuses on her greatest title - mother.

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