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Summer Is Here! Does Your Resort Wardrobe Need A Refresh?

Don't Despair, Here Is Your Summer Shopping Guide! Plus a few tips...

I don’t know about you, but this is the last week of school. Kids and I have poured in every last ounce we have to finish homeschool and quarantine. Tough feats on their own, but with a little luck, survived them simultaneously.

Either way, it provided its own perspective and clarity on life. While also emphasizing the tremendous value of getting outdoors and enjoying nature. Added bonus has been the enjoyable weather that has afforded us countless walks, including fresh air and vitamin D. So vital for our sanity, not to mention, immunity.

With that being said, it's hard to believe, summer is already here! A summer I’m certain will resemble none other, but one sure to continue to include ample outings outdoors. Naturally, envisioning dips in the pool, small gatherings and frolicking any place allowed.

While I am also aware that the future is still unclear and unsettled, I am optimistically hoping for a well deserved vacation at a resort, even if that resort is our own backyard. And what better way to plan, than to prepare oneself by making a list and checking it twice!

Please find my RESORT WARDROBE GUIDE below, from top to bottom, hopefully to ignite wanderlust for us all!

Wishing you a lovely summer that provides a much needed break of homeschooling and all things


Be safe! Be well!

Let's Talk Investment

& Wearability!

I have created a capsule summer wardrobe just for you! Categorized, with each image being shoppable.

HATS: The best way to elevate any look and hide those days we avoid a blowout!

SUNGLASSES: Serving dual purpose of functionality and style!

SWIMSUITS: One piece or bikinis, that is the question? It's definitely a personal debate. But a reminder, to be confident in your choice and how you feel in it!

COVERUPS: Poolside to clubside! Win-win!

DRESSES: Easy, chic and flirty looks! Not to mention, breezy, too!

FOOTWEAR: The finishing touch of comfort and style! A little heel goes a long way!

BAGS: No outfit is complete without one! It's far beyond holding your lipstick, it's the added layer that makes all the difference!




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