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Her Words That Keep Echoing

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been in a fog, or even a hangover, if you will since hearing about the suicide of the late Kate Spade. I remember listening to her podcast, “How I Built This”, thinking she sounded so grounded, reassured and capable. And while I’m certain she had all those traits, I’m just terribly saddened by her final choice. A choice that is so permanent and life changing to her darling Frances and husband, Andy. I speak as if I know them, in which I don’t. But someone in the public eye and one of whom built a brand on cheerfulness and color, I’m sad to know her personal and relatable troubles. She has given us so much glitter and I can only hope this quote rings true. May there be a silver lining. May her fame and ultimate sacrifice shed much needed light on depression, mental health and increase the accessibility for others to seek help at a reasonable and doable cost. And for others that are in despair to seek help. That the moment of defeat and vulnerability shall too pass. Lean on each other, be there for one another. Besides, remember, we cannot do this life alone. God bless you all, especially The Spades! Know that each of you are special, needed, wanted and cared for. That your life matters.

Sincerely and very affectionately,

Natalie Ariz

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