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45 Things To Do As Boredom Sets In During Self Quarantine From The Corona Virus!

Hopefully you are reading this list as a voluntary effort to self quarantine in the midst of the Corona Virus. And that you and your loved ones are all healthy, yet the dreaded boredom has set in. Here is a list of things I have thought to do in the coming days, if not weeks of this uncertainty. I hope it jogs your productivity and keeps you anything, but idle!


1. Start journaling

2. Write a gratitude list

3. Start the Five Minute Journal*

4. Write thank you cards

5. Create a goals list


6. Organize and purge emails

7. File documents and purge old ones

8. Update your resume

9. Digitize business cards with CamCard app


10. Organize closets and drawers, use inspiration from The Home Edit*

11. Start the easy walkthrough instructions of the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, by Marie Kondo*

12. Utilize all your cleaning products by giving your home a thorough cleaning and refer to

Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook*

13. Clean makeup brushes

14. Purge your closet by making piles for: donate, sell, dry cleaning and repair

15. Open up an Ebay, Poshmark or The Real Real account to start selling items

16. Bake a cake


17. Do a puzzle

18. Take a walk around the block

19. Dine al fresco in your backyard

20. Set a pretty dining table

21. Remake a family recipe

22. Try a new recipe

23. Play cards

24. Play a board game


25. Listen to a podcast

26. Learn a new skill via Youtube

27. Catch up on a show (Personal favorites: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel or Big Little Lies)

28. Download a new movie

29. Yoga

30. Read a new book

31. Call an old friend

32. Call and check on the elderly

33. Create a new board on Pinterest

34. Learn to meditate

35. Take an online course

36. Do your ancestry online

37. Paint

38. Create a vision board from magazines and other clippings

39. Get nostalgic and review old photos

40. Upload photos to print and order off of

41. Gardening

42. Plan or research your next vacation

43. Try an online adult coloring app, such as Happy Color

44. Cancel unused subscription to apps

45. Give yourself a facial

But more importantly, use this time to disconnect to reconnect with whom you love most!

Stay safe!


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